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Our pharmacists do more than filling your prescriptions! They actively help you achieve and maintain better health.

How does Medication Therapy Management work?

When you’re unhealthy and need constant health support, we are willingly available for your care. Our team of experts will first analyze your health condition and prescription. They will provide you with all the essential medications according to the medication plan. And then they’ll ensure that you consume your medicines right. We won’t leave it to you from there. We’ll stay in touch by taking regular follow-ups on your health. Doing this will allow us to understand how your medications are working and benefiting so that we can assist you with further medication and health plans.

We are committed to helping you with our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.
  • We perform an analysis of a patient’s health condition.
  • We create a medication and treatment plan.
  • We identify the medication therapy if it already exists and modify it if required.
  • We initiate the medication therapy according to the needs.
  • We monitor and evaluate the patient’s response to the medication therapy. This monitoring will include checking the safety and usefulness of the medications.
  • If essential, we conduct a medication review to determine and resolve the patient’s medication-related problems and damaging effects.
  • We connect and provide verbal information to improve the patient’s understanding of the usage of medications.
  • We provide fundamental support to the patient throughout the medication therapy plan.

Patients suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, Covid-19, etc. can benefit from Pharmacy’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.

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